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"The coffee pulping unit is impressive. Its speed and its simplicity left me amazed"

José Prado Junior

Maintenance Manager at Terra Garcia Farm - Brazil

"We get amazing results while using 90% less water than with our old mill"

Rafael Ventura

Finca Rabanales

"I am grateful for this mechanical siphon because we had a lot of issues in the past at this processing stage. It would be wonderful if all machines were low maintenance such as the ones from Pinhalense. They are pretty low maintenance really."

Anderson da Silva Pereira

Manager - Três Barras Farm- Brazil

"We need to keep quality and a low cost and Pinhalense assist us to obtain both. Their equipment help us obtain coffee quality and to reduce operating costs. And this is exactly what we currently need"

Cesar Henrique Salgado Magriotis

Coffee grower – Farm Vitória - Brazil

Great reduction in consumption of water which is recycled

• Enables increased efficiency of drying and improves coffee quality

• Low power consumption

• Large reduction in labor requirements

• Automatic, continuous discharge of stones

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Separates unripe cherries before pulping

• Low water and power consumption

• No parchment lost with pulp

• The least physical damage to parchment

• Easy maintenance with easy access to exchange consumable parts

• Modular design and easy to install

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Mechanical removal of mucilage from parchment coffee



• Replaces fermentation tanks (or completes their work)

• Reduced water consumption

• Upward flow minimizes the need for mechanical feeding devices

• Low power consumption

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